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A Day at the Beach | Scottsdale, AZ Photographer

We had rather glorious plans for a stunning piano photo shoot at Coronado Beach in CA, but sometimes our plans go awry. Sometimes the tide rolls in so quickly that before you get one single shot the tide knocks the piano into the water and takes the girl down with it. Sometimes there are tears. And sometimes…most of […]

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Mine… | Fine Art Photographer Arizona | Sandi Sutton

Scottsdale Fine Art Photographer

My Oldest Son-shine…and his beautiful Claire. I love him so…  

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Love at First Sight… | Scottsdale Photographer | Sandi Bradshaw

Do you believe in love at first sight? I always have. I’m not sure when I decided that I believed in it…but, I definitely always have. This post is a couple months in the making…mostly because it’s so personal…and I can never decide just how personal I want to be on my blog. But…the truth […]

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INSPIRE :: Giving Back | Sandi Bradshaw

Midori by Sandi Bradshaw

CREATE :: INSPIRE :: BE INSPIRED :: BE REAL :: GROW :: CAPTURE :: SEE, TRULY SEE :: TAKE RISKS :: BE UNIQUE :: BE AN ARTIST :: BE ME I’m feeling all of those things…very deeply this year. I feel a desperation for those things really…a desperation to reconnect with the art of photography…and […]

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Earth Day… | Phoenix Family Photographer | Sandi Bradshaw

In the beginning God created the heavens and the Earth. Genesis 1:1 I am sort of an environmental shooter…meaning that I really like to use the environment in my images. I just feel like the world that God created is so beautiful…and I love to incorporate scenery into my work. Often times that scenery is […]

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