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Mine… | Fine Art Photographer Arizona | Sandi Sutton

Scottsdale Fine Art Photographer

My Oldest Son-shine…and his beautiful Claire. I love him so…  

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Boojum Tree Wedding | Phoenix Photographer | Sandi Bradshaw

Ohhhhh my…how I love a beautiful wedding. I don’t photograph a lot of weddings every year…the bulk of my time is spent shooting families, newborns, and high school seniors. However…I do love to photograph weddings…particularly smaller unique weddings. This was one such wedding…an absolutely beautiful bride (inside and out!)…her handsome military prince…a beautiful location at […]

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The Light…

Not the light that you might be thinking of…the perfect light, golden light, natural light, or even moody light…no I’m dreaming of the light at the end of the tunnel! All businesses have trends…ebbs and flows…of busy times, crazy busy times, and then there are those times when you can sit back and relax a […]

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gary + sherah = {love} … | Engagement Portraits | Sandi Bradshaw |

I love love. (Is that grammatically correct? Kinda looks weird…) But, I really do! I love love! All kinds of love really…I love to see babies gazing at their mommas, I love to see men when they first glimpse their bride walking down the aisle, I love to watch brand new parents adoring their newborns, […]

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{sometimes…}… | Scottsdale, AZ Photographer | Sandi Bradshaw |

I wonder if there is just a small group of people in the world that God showered all the “good” genes on. I submit to you…the evidence… Thanks guys! I had a ton of fun with you all! Your gallery will be along shortly! Yay! AND…I have another little announcement tomorrow that YOU won’t want […]

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