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I had never photographed a Lacrosse player before Casey…in fact, I’m not sure that I’ve ever even met a Lacrosse player before. What a brutally tough sport! Casey has traveled all over the country playing in elite invitation only tournaments…that’s pretty cool! We had a lot of fun during his senior session…I always love shooting in downtown Phoenix. We wanted to work some Lacrosse shots in at the end with the sun down…so we shot into the dark. I love working with senior guys…I photograph so many senior girls every year…so it’s always a fun opportunity to change things up when I get to work with a senior boy.

I have just a couple of openings left for Fall Senior Photo Sessions…so if you are needing an October or November Senior Session…email me quick to get on the schedule!

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senior pictures scottsdale
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senior photographer phoenix
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Winter :: Newborn Photographer | Scottsdale, AZ | Sandi Sutton

They named her Winter. I absolutely love everything about that. I’ve always thought Summer was such a pretty name…and Autumn…but I’d never heard of anyone named Winter before…and I think it’s just absolutely beautiful. Her newborn session was one of the quietest, most peaceful I’ve ever photographed. She didn’t cry. Ever. Well…until about 5 minutes from the end…but that doesn’t really count…she had been perfectly patient with all my requests of her until the very last few minutes…so I still crown her ‘most peaceful newborn’.

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newborn photographer scottsdale
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Maternity Photographer | Scottsdale, AZ | Sandi Sutton

She donated 10 inches off of her gorgeous hair right after her maternity session. You have to really admire someone for a decision like that. As obviously beautiful as she is…it occurred to me within 5 minutes of meeting her…that she felt most beautiful when she was right in the midst of all the love of her little family…a little family that was about to get just a little bit bigger. Such a sweet joy that they all had together…just so laid back and relaxed in the way they all interacted with each other. I loved capturing the peace and the happiness of this sweet family while they were celebrating the last weeks of waiting for their daughter to be born. I loved way too many pictures from this session…I could have shared many more…but, I’ve managed to narrow it down to (most of) my favorites. Hope you enjoy!

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maternity photographer
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maternity photos
maternity photographer scottsdale
maternity pictures
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Faux Fur Matting Tip | Newborn Photographer | Sandi Sutton

I thought I would share a QUICK TIP for all of you newborn photographers who love FAUX FUR…but HATE the way it gets all matted when you have to wash and dry it. I’ve seen lots of tutorials online about how to re-fluff your faux fur…most of them involve a hair dryer or a vacuum…and none of them seem to come out looking quite as pretty as they should when all is said and done.

I had 2 faux furs that were in pretty ugly shape and I was ready to toss them the other day because to me, they seemed beyond help. But I had an idea that ended up working SO WONDERFULLY that I really wanted to share it in case someone else has ugly matted furs that they would like to easily revive. In my opinion…these furs now look even better than they did the day I bought them.

I happened to have some dog detangling spray on hand and a de-matting dog brush…and I figured…why not give it a try. I didn’t expect it to work as amazingly as it did! I would imagine that any particular brand of dog detangling spray would work just as well…but the picture shows the brand I used…as well as the brand of brush that I used. You’ll definitely want a wire brush…and the kind that kicks the fur off with a squeeze of the handle is great!

So…here are the before {{{shudder}}} pictures…and the after {{{sighhhhh}}} pictures. I love soft, billowy, dreamy faux fur…and I’m so glad I didn’t throw these away! PLEASE excuse the rather blah images…it was late at night…horrible kitchen lighting…and I grabbed my iPhone thinking I would just grab a couple pictures…just so I would have photographic evidence in the crazy chance that my idea worked well.

matted faux fur

I just worked in sections that were about 24″x24″…sprayed a decent coating of the spray on the section (just a misting…not saturated)…and then brushed. The spray really helped the fur to brush out nice and easy. Each of the furs were about 40″x60″ and each one took about 30 minutes to brush out. I just left them laying out overnight to completely dry…and they smell super great now too (tropical grapefruit scented spray).

I hope this helps someone! No blow dryer or vacuum needed!

Feel free to pin or share!

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Family Photographer | Scottsdale, AZ | Sandi Sutton

It’s crazy to think that it’s already that time of year again to be planning for family photo sessions before the holidays. The temps are still in the 100s this week…yet it’s the middle of September! The fall schedule is filling quickly…I only have 3 Saturdays left for the rest of the year…so if you have not scheduled your family pictures yet…and you need a weekend…don’t wait! Here is one of my favorite families that I have worked with since this little guy was 6 months old…and I will tell you…he is FULL of charm and personality!


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